Bidooh Offers The First Facial Recognition Digital Billboard On The Blockchain


Bidooh is developing the first facial recognition digital billboard network in the world, betting big on it being the next big revolution in the world of digital advertising.

 November 11th, 2018: Bidooh is developing their own intelligent and automated digital billboard advertising platform. The platform is being built on the cloud and will leverage blockchain technology, and facial recognition software as a means of tracking engagement.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are aware of the frustration among too many advertisers when they opt for digital billboard advertising. The longtime entailed along with the expenses is just about too much. This platform was made to do away with these hassles.”

The global billboard market is valued at nearly $34.8 billion per annum and one can understand the massive potential given the number of people who work in the digital advertising space and the market size. However, the digital advertising industry faces a lot of problems including too many middlemen, misleading information, lack of data and engagement metrics, plus advertisers also face difficulty determining the ROI of advertising campaigns.

Bidooh is aiming to deliver target-based advertising based on individual characteristics, and then track engagement and effectiveness through facial recognition technology. Bidooh is focused on showing the right advertisements to the right people at the right time to ensure optimal effectiveness, which is why Bidooh likes to consider themselves the ‘Google Adwords’ for digital billboard advertising.

Every time there is an actionable event which occurs such as advertisement played or viewed, the data would be stored on the blockchain and can be accessed by the advertisers. This infers that the advertiser would have real-time and quick control of the analytics of the advertisement.

Bidooh has raise $10 Million USD thus far during their token sale, which is still ongoing at this time. To learn more about Bidooh’s advertising platform, go to . Those interested in participating in Bidooh’s token sale should go to


About Bidooh

Bidooh is a revolutionary digital advertising platform that uses intelligent target-based advertising and tracks engagement through facial recognition technology.