Billye Boddie Released an Inspiring STEM Storybook Titled ‘Bella Dear The Engineer’


Youth STEM Speaker and Network Engineer Billye Boddie is thrilled to bring to the notice of the general public the release of her amazing, motivating and inspiring STEM storybook; ‘Bella Dear, The Engineer’.       Bella dear, The Engineer is an engaging, easy to read and incredibly educational storybook that aims at getting girls excited about STEM and to be confident that they can choose any career they want and it was released in March 2018.

Going beyond entertainment, stories can be the best companion to prepare your kids for a brilliant and colorful future. This book “Bella dear, the Engineer” is a children’s book aimed at encouraging young girls to go into the STEM fields. Bella is a five-year-old girl with a powerful mind and an active imagination. This book is uplifting and sure to motivate budding scientists and engineers to follow their hearts and make a positive contribution to society. Readers of all ages will enjoy this educational STEM book which covers an inspiring story that introduces children to fundamental technology terms at an early age.

Most story books though enjoyable are not educational and live changing, but this truly is and you will be hard-pressed to let it go from your shelves and thoughts. This premier book will provide children the skills they need to become a leading tech innovator, help them gain a deep understanding of STEM fundamentals and also give young engineers tips from Bella’s point of view. The vocabulary is real; the words used are the ones children use.

Education comes in a wide range of shapes and forms, but there is one area in which we can seriously maximize our returns: STEM. For all the effort that you put into improving STEM education, you are doing a great service not only for your children but for all the generations to come after them as well. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics: these things are the backbone of our society. The concept of the book is so lovely and the absolutely gorgeous illustrations makes reading this book an exciting experience (to moms and grandmas too).



Billye Boddie is a Network Engineer and Youth STEM Speaker who is passionate about empowering and engaging with youth. Her main focus is on technology and engineering careers, sharing what she knows through workshops and literature about her own childhood adventures as a technology enthusiast. She is thankful for the opportunity to inspire kids through her experiences. She has witnessed and personally been affected by the gender gap that exists in the majority of STEM fields, where women and minorities – are dramatically underrepresented.


She diligently works as an advocate of change for the next generation of young IT leaders. The STEM Kids Books are a result of hard-earned experience and desire to close the gender gap in the STEM fields. Each book features technology related terms and stories kids can easily understand and relate to.

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