Black Rambo Net Worth Revealed


Black Rambo Net Worth

This September Denver Colorado artist Black Rambo released his highly anticipated album Scorpion. The album would go on to gross $17,000 worldwide. Led by hit single God’s plan, a tribute to Drake’s release last year. The album under performed his labels expectations.

As past albums by Black Rambo including: The Black Print went on to do over $50,000 worldwide and his debut album Faded Thug Music did over $75,000 worldwide including 1 million plus streams on iTunes store worldwide.

Even with numbers of the Denver Rapper new album not living up to expectations he would pass a milestone in his net worth. Before the release of the album Scorpion Black Rambo was setting independent records in his state of Colorado. As of October 1st 2019 Black Rambo’s Net Worth is $300,000. Black Rambo is expected to release a new album this winter. So his net worth is expected to rise past $300,000.