Black Rambo New Album Summer Hangover Becomes A Huge Hit


Summer Hangover is about life lessons, failed relationships with women, conscious issues facing the black community.

One of the most exciting hip-hop artists of recent years has released his new album Summer Hangover which is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Black Rambo, who has been writing lyrics since the age of 12 and recording music from the age of 15 is one of those artists that believes in changing the scope of music.


When news broke out that Rapper Black Rambo was releasing a new album, fans around the world could not contain their excitement. Social media came alive with fans asking what the new album was going to be about, and what the title of the new album would be. Now, the wait is over, and fans can come together and listen to Summer Hangover which has been described as Black Rambo best album to-date.

The successful Colorado rapper new album is about is something everybody knows about and that is life lessons. The topics it covers includes failed relationships with women, and conscious issues that face the black community. This is definitely one of the most topical and important rap albums of 2019, and can now be download at Spotify and from Apple


Black Rambo is an artist that has those qualities that really sets him apart from others in the music world. The confident hip hop artist tackles issues with his music that really do matter. Each of his previous albums have been well received by his fans, generating him new fans from all over the world including Canada, Australia and the UK.


When asked how he felt about the reception his new album has received, Black Rambo replied: “I wanted to write an album that would get people to stop and listen and think about the lyrics and think about life. The feedback I have received from fans from as far as the UK has been amazing.”


To listen to the album that everyone is talking about, please check out the links here Spotify link: and Apple Music link:


About Black Rambo

Black Rambo starting writing lyrics at age 12 and started recording at age 15. He has released 2 independent albums (Blackavelibenz) an RNB/pop album. His latest album Summer Hangover is about life lessons.


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Once Upon A Wish Records.