BlueRoseMalini™: Introduction to Metaphysics Solutions for Life Directives, Business Directives, Cognitive & Holistic Health Directives


Malaysia: BLUEROSEMALINI™, is here to spread across the globe, the right approach in metaphysics solutions, and provides Online Metaphysics Solutions for all problems regarding Life Directives, Business Directives, Cognitive & Holistic Health Directives.

Metaphysics is an ancient wisdom that theoretically studies astronomy of the cosmos, astrology, Vedic, and how that descends down in energetic patterns into a location of a house or space as well as a birth chart through elemental energy. It works differently for everyone based on their karmic account. Although metaphysics is intangible to the naked eye, using ancient knowledge this energy / Qi can be computed to study further to look into harmonizing the energy of space.

If you want to climb out of this darkness in your Life and lead a Peaceful Life, then here is the solution from BlueRoseMalini™.


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science to enhance prosperity by making auspicious buildings.

The principles of vastu should be used while planning to start a new business, to build your dream house etc., Vastu plays a major role to bring Happiness Wealth, Prosperity and success in everyone’s life. BlueRoseMalini™ is one of the best Online vastu Consultant provides Unique and Scientific vastu solution.

BlueRoseMalini™ categorises Life Directives into several distinct areas such as Career/Business, Personal Relationship, Family, Personal assets, Health, Guidance, Pooja solutions.


As part of Cognitive and Holistic Health Directives, BlueRoseMalini TM offers you home-produced product range using a mixture of organic and natural ingredients based on ancient wisdom of formulation.

Personal Care products for your daily use and a special Holistic External and Internal Care product range to supplement BlueRoseMalini TM wisdom in Metaphysics to help people diagnosed and/or currently undergoing cancer treatment

“Miracles are tangible magic in flow of divine grace on efforts “



BlueRoseMalini™Metaphysics is embarking on revolutionary thinking of re-defining the norm of ancient theories and formulas as the cosmic re-alignment is happening as we speak and thus consequently formulations require new methodological thinking, solutions may appear simple yet targeted on problems at its root cause.

According to the Founder & CEO of BlueRoseMalini™ she is here to spread across the globe, the right approach in metaphysics solutions and approach with the fundamentals as I stress on right action.