Bridging Colors Sheds Light on Color Blindness in new Drama


Burbank, CA – April 25, 2019 – In a world of prejudices, the new short film Bridging Colors is breaking down barriers, changing perspectives, and demonstrating that a difference can be a powerful and uniting force. Directed by Chang Park and produced by Mohit Soni, it was released on April 18, 2019 and is available for streaming in the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Bridging Colors

“Bridging Colors is the tale of Edward, a 30-year-old painter of extraordinary genius known for his unique use of color,” said Soni. “His fame has made him rude and arrogant to virtually everyone with which he interacts.”

When an illness robs Edward of his ability to see color, he must learn to see the world in a different way and work with his color blindness in time for his new exhibition. Edward faces betrayal, loss of position, and finds new perspective from an unexpected source.

The film stars Taylor Flowers, Ryan Masson, Caesar James and Jonathan Verd. The concept for Bridging Colors came from an interaction Park had with his friend, Jun You, who is the co-writer of the screenplay, when Park discovered that Yun has red-green color blindness.

“I felt strongly about it and was deeply touched by the plight of our mutual friend,” said Park. “I felt that such a topic needed to be tackled and the world should know more about people who suffer from color blindness and we were inspired to create Bridging Colors.”

Park is an award-winning director that has worked on more than 20 films. Soni is an award-winning producer that’s worked on over 30 productions that have won their own share of accolades and awards. It was only natural that they would collaborate on a subject that hit so close to home with their friend.

The set of Bridging Colors wasn’t the first time that Park and Soni had worked together on a production. The Korean director and Indian producer met on the set of the music video Aliens in which Park directed Dynamine. The two soon teamed up again on the music video Saving the World for the artist Nessa Rica.

Soni reciprocated by bringing Park on board for his short film Hinjews. Upon completion of the project, Park told Soni about Bridging Colors and asked him to produce it. Before its release on Amazon Prime, the film received numerous accolades at prestigious film festivals during 2017.

It was chosen as an Official Selection at six different professional events that included the 2nd Barcelona Planet Film Festival and 7th Social World Film Festival. Bridging Colors won a Certificate of Merit and Award of Merit, received Best Young Director and Best Young Director. The film also won in the Best Actor category.

As the producer, Soni encountered some significant difficulties. More than 50 schools declined to let the crew film in their institutions and permits were also a problem. It took months of research to locate a special glass that enables people with normal vision to experience what it’s like to be color blind.

The film’s topic had a profound impact on everyone involved and it’s a study in diversity. It brought a greater understanding about color blindness that actors and crew didn’t have before and gave them a new perspective. “What you see is not always what it seems,” said Park.


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