Buying a car is as difficult as finding a right partner


Sometimes buying a car can be as difficult as finding a right life partner. Both decisions leave
a great impact on our life. If right choice made, it can turn your disastrous life into heavenly
life but, in case a wrong decision is made, a lot can go upside down. Therefore, we need to
be very very smart and careful at time when we decide to buy a car or swear to live with
someone for the rest of life.

When you search for a right partner, you make too much effort and apply filter like her
height, charm, figure and job. In a similar way, when you try to buy a car you must look for
model, specs, fuel consumption and price. As you fell in love with your partner, similarly you
will love to drive your car and divorce will not happen.

There are too many car manufacturers out there. So, you need to find out few things:
1. Your Budget
2. Car Space
3. Fuel Consumption
4. Car Features
5. Brand

Now to accomplish these just like you try match finding portal to fetch a partner that is close
to your needs, in a very similar way you can take help from online car finder tool. Now a
days, every car manufacturer provides this tool which can be very useful. Try fewer and
select minimum 5-10 cars that are within range. List all of them on a paper and visit nearby
showrooms. Take a test drive of available cars from the list and carefully check its specs, fuel
consumption, seats spaces and comfort. Once done, note down those things on a paper
under the car model. It will be easier for you to remember. Repeat this process and visit
multiple showrooms to test remaining cars. Finally, review the list and compare all the cars
you tested and select the one that is closer to your needs.

The story isn’t over yet! As you take care of your wife, spend time with it and pay for her
medical health. Similarly, you have to take a good care of your car and which will need
cleaning service, insurance payment and maintenance cost. Because you are married to
your car the way you married to your life partner. Your love, time and money spent on both
partners, really matter to have a happy life.

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