Now hiring a full/part time maid is easier than before


In Dubai and UAE, there are hundreds of cleaning companies and the one that is leading all
of them since 2007 is ‘VR Cleaning’. They train employees according to international
standards and most of the top management consist of foreigners. However, the success
behind their company is due to bringing innovative and unique ideas in the market. They
provide residential and commercial cleaning services. But that’s not all, they have full time
and part time maid service, which gives customer more freedom to choose service
according to their need and pay swiftly.

Hiring a full/part time maid in Dubai is now much easier than ever before. Therefore, only
‘VR Cleaning gives you the freedom to book your maid within few seconds with the new
hassle-free ordering system introduced recently. According to the newly introduced system,
you don’t have to go through hell of documentation process like salary slip, apartment
contract requirements along with health insurance, guarantee and visa fulfillment. Now you
just hire a part/full time maid for a particular time and agrees to pay a fee to ‘VR Cleaning’.
In return, ‘VR Cleaning’ will take care of visa, guarantees and medical insurance of maid. This
not only saves your time but also gives relief to the customer from paying extra money
which can be use for other life necessities.

Furthermore, ‘VR Cleaning’ is certified cleaning services provider in Dubai, UAE. They are
providing many other cleaning services but maid cleaning is their core service and therefore
top of the list. You can use easy step by step online booking maid services by visiting 24/7
available website. You will be contacted within hours for confirmation of service ordered.
After the process completion, the maid will be delivered at your door step.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dial A Maid
Contact Person: Mr. Arif Hussain

Phone: (971) 800-5151
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates