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Cask Cartel offers up a Pappy Van Winkle

Premium Spirits online marketplace The Cask Cartel is the leader in providing limited-edition premium spirits that are to be remembered.  Joining the catalog is Highland Park Fired Edition and Ice Edition two premium whiskeys winning exceptional reviews from experts.


One thing that Cask Cartel has firmly established is that if someone is looking for premium, limited-edition, and always high-quality spirits their online store should be the first stop.  With a constant rotation of spirits being sold and out and then replaced by other interesting choices, the latest available from Cask Cartel are among the most anticipated yet.  The company is happy to present  two separate whiskeys. Highland Park Fire Edition & Highland Park Ice Edition packaged perfectly to be given as gifts or to be personally enjoyed.  The dual Highland Park whiskey released comes surrounded by the fun Viking folklore of Ragnarok, describing the heroic Viking gods battling fire and ice giants at the end of the world.  The Fired Edition is 15 years old, while the Ice Edition is a full 17 years old.  So definitely not something a whiskey enthusiast will want to skip exploring, unless they enjoy the feeling of regret.

Cask Cartel Embrace the Viking Tales of Battling Fire

“We are very impressed with the taste of both Highland Park’s Fired Edition whiskey and the Highland Park Ice Edition whiskey as well,”  remarked a spokesperson from the company.  “Combine this with the spectacular packaging and Cask Cartel and Highland Park’s Limited-Edition whiskeys are made for each other.  This is the type of all-around quality we pride ourselves in stocking.”


The Ice Edition comes in a glacial blue bottle, with the whiskey itself pale with no added colors. Flavored with fresh pineapple, mango sorbet, root ginger, peat smoke, vanilla, and aromatic spices, it’s not to see how the whiskey can conjure up the exotic and heroic, spirit of something like the Poetic Eddas which Highland Park has point to as an inspiration.  Since 2016 it has been winning silver and gold medals in spirits competitions worldwide.


The Highland Park Fire Edition comes in a special bottle made of crimson glass. With only 28,000 bottles released to the market, the number still available is a mere fraction of that.  The whiskey carries a flaming red glow, which does a good job of hinting at its taste.  Red fruits, vanilla custard, cinnamon bark, chocolate, light smoke, dried citrus peel, and damsons all make their way into the unique formula.  Highland Park Fire Edition has matched its partner’s performance winning medals in every competition it has been entered into.


For whiskey lovers, there’s no time like the present to grab one or both of these limited edition spirits. The answer to the question of where to buy Highland Park Whiskeys is Cask Cartel, backed by their superior customer service, shipping, and attractive price points.


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