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Catching Light To Launch Their First Solar Electric Dutch Barge And 35 Metre Super Yacht In 2018

Catching Light To Launch Their First Solar Electric Dutch Barge
‘Catching Light’ is the brainchild of Tom Wedgwood and Sheryl Greentree. They are launching an exciting eco-friendly solar Electric Dutch Barge which will make traveling across the waters cleaner and safer.

Some exciting news has been announced today by Catching Lights, who are renowned for their innovative forward thinking in developing eco-friendly products. The company aims to change the way people travel across the water forever with their solar Electric Dutch Barge which meets the UN’s environmental programme.

The Solar Electric Dutch Barge And 35 Metre Super Yacht which will help in preserving marine and human life is the brainchild of Tom Wedgwood and Sheryl Greentree.  The echo-friendly barge will allow people to travel across the water by harnessing the power of the sun, eliminating environmental pollution and reducing the cost of sea traveling. 

The name of the barge is Bargy McBarge Face and is currently almost at the completion stage. It is expected to be launched early this year and is set to change the boat building world forever. 

Bargy McBarge Face will be combining the aesthetics of traditional boat building skills with that of 21st-century cutting-edge solar and smart technology to bring the world an eco-friendly, 100% Solar electric, cost-effective Dutch Barge.

A spokesman from Catching Lights said: “There are many new approaches to construction, from up-cycling old shipping containers to provide apartment modules you can move on and off the hull to enable you to be able to move your home with you. No fuel costs or carbon footprint. The boats will generate enough electricity to be self-sufficient.”

Bargy McBarge Face is not the only eco-friendly vessel that has been designed. A 35 Metre Super Yacht inspired by Josiah Wedgwood, an English pottery designer, and manufacturer, will also hit the waterways.

The yacht which has most of the features as other glorious yachts will provide a cleaner way to sail across the ocean. With its modern features, it will enable the owner to sail far and wide with a minimal crew and reducing the cost of sailing for business and pleasure.


Tom Wedgwood said of the exciting news: ‘We are delighted to be working with cutting-edge companies to collaborate on both of our boats.  Our new vessels can transform marine travel and we have many plans to continue to innovate to develop these concepts for pleasure and commercial boats, yachts, and ships.”

While governments around the world have been talking about how to save the earth, Catching Light has cut out all the talking and instead turned to action. While others have said what may be possible for the future, and what could be done, Catching Light has brought the future to now.

Sheryl said: ‘We believe it’s time we look at a new way to live and travel across 70% of our planet, to navigate and live upon our rivers, our inland waterways or across the ocean and at the same time caring for the earth in an innovative, beautiful way.

To learn more about Catching Light, and to see why children and adults of the future will be thanking Catching Light for taking action to provide a cleaner way to travel across water, please visit

About Catching Light

Tom Wedgwood and Sheryl Greentree is the brainchild of Catching Light. They aim to make traveling across the waters cleaner and more enjoyable. Their boat designs are set to shape the boating industry forever.

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Company Name: Catching Light
Contact Person: Media Manager
Country: United Kingdom


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