Celebrating International Volunteer Day How Volunteers are Helping to Turn the Tide in Wildlife Conservation


Johannesburg South Africa 5 Dec 2019 – An estimated 1 billion people worldwide volunteer each year, constituting a powerful global force tackling the many challenges we face in our world today. On International Volunteer Day, instituted by the United Nations and celebrated on 5 December each year, we recognise and appreciate these selfless modern-day heroes and the astounding contribution to they make to shaping a better world for all, including conserving our planet’s endangered wildlife.

If the world’s volunteers were a nation, they would constitute the largest adult population in the world, behind only China, and would have seventh largest economy in the world, behind the US, Japan, Germany, China, the UK and France, notes a study by WYSE Travel Confederation, a leading trade association for the global work and volunteer abroad industry. According to the United Nations, this global volunteer workforce is equivalent to 109 million full-time workers, exceeding the number of workers in many major global industries – a substantial social and economic asset, mobilizing extraordinary resources, talents and the goodwill of ordinary people worldwide.

In addition to the man-hours, skills and tourism-spend volunteers contribute, the WYSE research notes that international volunteering contributes towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, fosters mutually-beneficial exchange of cultural knowledge and increases awareness of the pressing issues of our time.

“Certainly, one of these issues is wildlife crime, with only the trade in drugs and illegal arms now rivalling the illegal wildlife trafficking market for profit and exploitation. Conserving our wildlife for future generations, in the face of growing and ever-more sophisticated poaching and wildlife crime, requires a global effort…

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