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Well-known personalities from around the world are turning to PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lifts to improve their appearance. The FDA-cleared and non-invasive procedure has little-to-no downtime and is available from MD Ageless Solutions in Miami, Florida.

Forget invasive cosmetic surgery and forget Botox — ‘PDO Thread Lifts’ are the latest face-lift trend that celebrities love. The FDA-cleared and non-invasive procedure is helping well-known personalities to improve their appearance with little-to-no downtime. The PDO Thread Lifts which is available from MD Ageless Solutions based in Miami, Florida, helps to tighten and re-suspend saggy cheeks, brows, neck, and jowls.

PDO Thread Lifts have become very popular with celebrities for many reasons which includes cost, results, and the safety of the procedure. Unlike cosmetic surgery which can be dangerous and can result in complications, the minimally invasive PDO Thread lift is completely safe. But that is not the only reason why this procedure has become so popular with celebrities, it has also become popular due to helping them to prolong their looks and career.

The other benefit of PDO Thread Lifts is there is no or little downtime. Those that are looking to have the procedure done don’t have to worry about taking time off work to recover. With the procedure taking between one and two hours, it means those wishing to look younger and increase their appearance can even have it done during their lunch break if they wish.

The facial rejuvenation procedure is done under local anaesthesia, with sutures that are embedded with tiny cones and which are then inserted into the skin. This is done using a small cannula, which is similar to what is used to inject fillers. The clever procedure works by grabbing the skin from underneath and then lifts it. The results can last up to one year, providing a cost-effective, painless, long-lasting results.

When asked why PDO Thread Lifts have become so popular, Dr. Yakelin Sosa from MD Ageless Solutions who has over 13 years of experience replied: “PDO Thread Lifts is so much more affordable than cosmetic surgery. When a person has cosmetic surgery, they must pay for the treatment and then take into account the time they will have off work. We can provide amazing results with no time off work, and better still our procedure is safe unlike surgery.”




    Lifting eyebrow

    Drooping and wrinkles of cheeks

    Malar prominence

    Smiling lines and marionette folds

    Perioral wrinkles

    Wrinkles of the chin

    Contour of the face

    Wrinkles of the neck




    lift the brow,

    lift the mouth corners,

    lift the jowl,

    improve lip lines,

    lift the neck,

    and improve nasolabial folds.


To learn more about PDO Thread Lifts, and how it can help people improve their appearance, please visit https://mdagelesssolutions.com


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