Chair House Piano Music Fills The World With Gentleness


Japanese piano musician Hitoshi Yasui Chair House releases calm and gentle piano music everyday through his Piano Ten Thousand Leaves project

Chair House Piano Music  

Tokyo, Japan : Music that soothes the soul, music that calms the spirit, music driven by desire to bring peace and love, music for every man and every situation, that’s what Chair House’s music defines. Chair House is a Digital Piano Bard from Japan who is known for creating and releasing gentle and beautiful piano improvisation music every day through his “Piano Ten Thousand Leaves” project, with a target of 4536 tunes to be released by 2026.


Chair House’s Piano Ten Thousand Leaves project is inspired by “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves; Manyoshu”, which is the oldest existing royal collection of Japanese poetries numbering 4536 pieces from over 1700 years ago. Chair House’s unique improvisation features similarities with the “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves” in being tranquil, intellectual, gentle and beautiful. His project is short, original and themed on freedom, spontaneity, vividness, creativity, love and meditation. In all Chair House says it better:


I would like to fill minds of all the people with Gentleness. Piano Ten Thousand Leaves (pttl): I upload gentle, calm and beautiful piano music everyday.”

Chair House couldn’t take to live piano recording as it was extremely difficult to do, until he switched to digital piano on PC’s and through persistence and passion, discovered a piano style that fuels his music today. With more than 1900 pieces released already, his ability to create music and release everyday is astonishing just as  his dedication to achieving his mission to release 4536 tunes having started in 2014.


According to Chair House The music that I can make is incredibly delicate, quiet, peaceful, and wonderful, however Music is a language everyone speaks and it brings us together.I want many people to hear this music.


I set up a venture to make this consistently and convey it to the world until it achieves 4,536 melodies, and I could draw a dream of “filling the world with delicacy.” He adds.


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About Chair House: Hitoshi Yasui, known as “chair house”, Digital Piano Bard is known for his improvisation based short creative music. He leads “Piano Ten Thousand Leaves” project, in which he creates original piano music every day. The target number of the music in the project is 4,536 pieces and started in 2014 with hopes to accomplish his aim in 2026 while filling the world with gentle music along the way.

“Piano Ten Thousand Leaves” Project is inspired by “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves; Manyoshu”, which is the oldest existing royal collection of Japanese poetries. Chair House base his piano improvisation on the “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves”.

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