Choetech Keeps Smartphones Going With the World’s Best Charger


SHENZHEN, CHINA,– The millions of smartphones being unwrapped this holiday season won’t be able to rest for long while charging up. Because Choetech, makers of innovative wireless chargers and mobile accessories, has introduced the first world’s first five-coil wireless charger pad.

The T535-S PowerDual charger allows free placement of one or two devices without losing charging power. Its five charging coils provide more consistent power across a wider area than other charging pads, making it perfect for busy households or for anyone who uses more than one mobile device.

“Most chargers don’t transmit power consistently across their entire surface,” explains Choetech’s Jane [Name]. “Our own engineers noticed that at home; most people with wireless chargers have. So we set out to design a charger that does what it says, reliably and for a wide range of smartphones.”

The charger’s three modes accommodate all popular mobile devices. The 5W mode works with all Qi-enabled devices. 7.5W and 10W fast-charging modes are perfect for most iPhone and Samsung models, respectively.

All that power and flexibility is packed into a lightweight, easily portable package roughly the size of an iPhone X. The PU leather surface is available in a modern stippled finish or in a cortical wood-grain style. Each has the kind of sleek, subdued look that fits into any situation, and each grips smartphones just enough to keep them from slipping. Anti-slip pads on the charger’s bottom side keep everything in place.

Choetech engineers even solved a problem that bedevils lesser charging pads. Charging generates heat, and hot charging pads can deliver fluctuating performance. The T535-S comes with a heat-dissipation system that routes heat toward holes at the unit’s bottom to keep critical surfaces cool and energy flowing consistently.

The T535-S isn’t Choetech’s first innovation. The company launched the world’s first three-coil charger in 2015. Two years later, Choetech set itself the challenge of designing a charger capable of charging two units simultaneously, quickly, and consistently, and after more than a year of painstaking engineering, testing, and revision, the T535-S finally met the company’s rigorous criteria.

To order the T535-S, or to learn more about its unprecedented power and consistency, please visit, or contact Jane [Name] at +86-755-27186275 or


Founded in 2013, Choetech integrates R&D, sales, and service of wireless chargers, cables, and accessories.