Christmas Eve Forever By David Vaters Set to Be the New Christmas Holiday


Toronto/Nashville – Nov 19, 2019 – Tis the season — for seasonal music. If you’re a little tired of the traditional song collections consider switching it up with new release from critically acclaimed and singer, songwriter David Vaters titled Christmas Eve Forever, a Christmas love song that has it all, Romance, Santa and Wishes come true. This song is destined to be the new Christmas Holiday Classic and the soundtrack should help spice up the Christmas spirit for you.

This year, multi-genre songwriter David Vaters turned his prodigious talent a holiday tune, coming up with a top-notch original song for the season. From November onwards, Christmas songs become ever more inescapable. You’ll hear them at any Christmas party, while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, and pretty much any time you turn on a TV or radio.

When it comes to making your own Christmas Radio and/or Streaming playlist, you’ll probably want a perfect festive blend of tried, true and tested favorites and slightly less familiar yuletide tunes like  Christmas Eve Forever which delivers these qualities in droves. So put on your Santa hat, crank up Christmas Eve Forever and sing along to get fully into the Christmas spirit.

What makes a truly great Christmas song? There are plenty of good ones that are purely celebratory, but the real classics dig deeper into the full breadth of emotions we experience at Christmas.  “Christmas Eve Forever” delivers a refreshing approach of Romance, Santa, Wishes come true and so more!

If you are having a Christmas party of many or party of one, Christmas Eve Forever is the number#1 Christmas slow dance song of the year!

There is also a Lyric video on YouTube available now! Click Here!

Christmas Eve Forever – ISRC# QMEU31922067                                                                                                                                              Radio Programming download available at PlayerMPE, DMDS or at

About Vaters                                                                                                                                                             With years of honing and perfecting his songwriting skills, working with great players on two continents, David Vaters has recorded A Voice in the Wilderness Volume 1 & 2 which was the debut as a new solo artist. Vaters recordings reflect an authentic faith, robust melodies, superb instrumentation and powerful lyrics.  Source – Huffington Post

“David Vaters is making the music he was meant to make and the world is taking notice. With the state of affairs on the planet these days the world needs David Vaters’ uplifting and inspirational songs to bring a positive balance to life.” – CASHBOX MAGAZINE CANADA.

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