Coffeeza India launches new coffee machine and capsules in India


Coffeeza™, India based supplier of innovative coffee machines and capsules, announced that their new product Lattisso coffee machine is available online to purchase. The espresso machines can be used for making the latte, espresso, cappuccino and much other variety of coffee based drinks.


“We want our customers to have a smooth coffee experience,” stated Coffeeza founder Rahul Aggarwal. “It is important to us that we offer appliances as well as related products and services all under one roof, that provides a sense of relief to consumers. And we can do that with our special platform that allows customers to order and even subscribe to the unique coffee experience that we offer.  Our online store has all that make fresh coffee enjoyable, hassle-free, and smart.”

Coffeeza India launches new coffee machine

Coffeeza Pod machine provides users with five main options on preparing a coffee beverage.


l Cappuccino

l Latte

l Americano

l Espresso

l Lungo

l Iced Coffee

In addition to Coffee machines ans accessories, Coffeeza offers two variations of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules “Classico” and “Intenso” for their ardent coffee fans.

Coffeeza India launches new coffee machine

Described as “Central and South American blend of Arabica coffee, medium roasted resulting in an aromatic, fruity and delightful aroma. Our Classico blend is crafted to deliver a fruity, enchanting and aromatic flavour with an after-taste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa.”




“South American Arabica Coffee balanced with flavours from Asia resulting in an intense and full array of aromas. Our Intenso blend is crafted to deliver a rich, full and long-lasting taste with notes of chocolate scents and an after-taste of spices and dried fruit.” respectively.



About Coffeeza

Headquartered in Verna, Goa, India is passionate about lifestyle coffee products. With our extensive research done on market, we understand what the consumers need in order to make their lives easier. From Italian coffee pods to the espresso machine and till all the accessories you will ever need, the team at Coffeeza has taken input from corporate and consumers to make their products the best in their category. All of the company’s products are designed to deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, easy operation and value. For additional information, please visit



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