Conspiracy Theorists Predicting Next “9/11 Event” in Seattle on 11/3/2019

Conspiracy theorists claim there is an imminent invasion or attack and that it was predicted in television shows like The Simpsons and movies like Red Dawn!

PRESS RELEASE OCT 30, 2019 11:00 EDT

Seattle, Washington, — No this is not a Halloween trick. Conspiracy theorists are claiming to see evidence of a “staged attack” to take place in Seattle on Sunday, November 3rd. This belief is being pushed by the Infinite Plane Radio program and many websites known for covering strange news. “We know there were hoards of references to the 9/11 attacks in movies and TV shows many years prior to it happening,” said Tim Ozman, host of Infinite Plane Radio.”

“We now see these same types of mass references in everything from movies, tv, music lyrics now as to what’s going to happen in Seattle. We’re just pointing out the obvious. Spoiler alert: you’re next 9/11 event is coming soon!” Ozman said to his listeners during a late-night broadcast.

The date of November 3, 2019, is encoded into television shows, movies, and news events. Many Youtube channels are uploading videos sharing evidence of “predictive programming” and prophecy in the news. The following eerie coincidences are said to be clues to the upcoming prophesied catastrophe:

The movie Red Dawn, the Illuminati Card Game, and other pop culture references indicate something big to happen in Seattle on 11/3​

S.O.S. became a worldwide standard distress signal on 11/3/1906–113 years ago​

Man in USA shirt set himself on fire in front of White House and a bus numbered 113

113 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week.

Most conspiracy theorists agree that the Seattle Space Needle and possibly a football stadium will be the focus of dramatic events to unfold.

​Japanese pop band World Order’s music video “Let’s start WW3” takes place in Seattle and is replete with hints about an upcoming catastrophe

It is believed “fire” will play a role as many of the movie references point to fires, nuclear detonations, and possible UFO invasion by aliens who may or may not be working with the Chinese and Russians. For more information contact Infinite Plane Radio at

Tim Ozman​