Joseph “Jojo” Awinongya Jr, competed in the Jr. Olympics held in Madison, Wisconsin June 23-29, 2019.  He fought against a seasoned fighter Yoell Cooper of New Jersey and won with a first-round knockdown and second round eight count. “Jojo” is now a 5x National Champion.  Jr is a very skillful boxer, and already at the age of 12, has boxing IQ. He trains with his father, a former Don King professional fighter. Joseph “Jojo” Awinongya Jr. is the future face of boxing in Chicago, IL.   He is currently ranking # 1 in 90 lbs., and #2 in 95 lbs. nationally.


Eddie Johnson is proud of Illinois’s own boxer bringing home the gold medal from the Jr Olympics and wishes him more success. Several of Joseph’s supporters were in  attendance of Chicago Police Departments Superintendent Eddie Johnsons meeting on July 22, 2019 including  Wasfi Tolyaymat -boxing manager and owner of Sibley Fixtures  who sponsors many boxing events in Chicago, and was the  first to host Mayweather Jr in Chicago and building a the first boxing museum in Chicago;  Richard Ware of  Chicago Hoops Squad a program that has been around for over 40 years and young Chicago boxers from the Chicago Park District gyms.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson revealed how he came from Cabrini Green. He mentioned that if he could come out on top though circumstances, he’s gone through many kids can. He wants to send the message that we are all one. He said “don’t tell kids they cannot do something or become something, give them the tools and watch them make it happen.” He pleaded with the Chicago parents to get involved more with their kids and encouraged Joseph to continue to be a positive role model to his peers.

Joseph trains out Chicago Park District gyms including Fuller Park and Taylor Park and Chicago Boxing Gym owned by Sam Colonna.

Look for more about  Joseph Awinongya Jr  on a new   boxing documentary  coming soon by  HSTV GHANA.  HSTV will be coming to USA to follow his boxing journey. It wil l also show   those  behind the scenes  who  make  his journey possible.



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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josephawinongyajr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.awinongya

Joseph Awinongya Jr is sponsored and endorsed by Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet. He is a 5x National Champion, 2x Jr Olympic Champion, 1x USA Boxing Champion, 2x Silver Gloves National Champion. He is the highest-ranking male boxer in Illinois ranking #1 in the country at 90 lbs and #2 at 95 lbs. He has a documentary series Fight in America on Amazon Prime that is featured in Ghana on VVIP Transport buses traveling from the North. He was in the movie Dreams by Lionsgate. HSTV in Ghana, West Africa has adopted him and will be featuring a documentary of their own soon. Recently HSTV televised his Jr Olympic Amateur Fight Live in Ghana.