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GPT12 Smallest Size GPS Tracker with a long battery life of 3 years for personal, vehicle, trailer tracking cost. It is so small it can be easily hidden within a vehicle.

The Smallest GPS Tracker For Cars

EElinktech, a leader in GPS trackers has sent out a clear warning to car criminals and that warning is to change career unless they want to spend time behind bars. The company has brought out a brand-new GPS tracker for cars that can pinpoint a car’s location in real time if it has been stolen. That means if a car is stolen the police will be quick on their tail with an impending arrest.


The new GPS Tracker which is the smallest tracker for cars on the market is the GPT12. It can be used for personal or commercial purposes. This incredible device may be small, but it has a lot of features. The battery can last for three years and it can be applied to asset monitoring, car rental, vehicle loan, VAL reserve and transportation, heavy machinery lease, Zoology breeding, automotive security, and special items’ monitoring and controlling, etc.


Product Features:

■ Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.

■ GPS/LBS double-Positioning mode, support A-GPS

■ 5000mAh Battery , standby for 3 years.

■ Long Standby mode, wake up for 5 mins a day, then sleep.

■ Turn to Emergency mode for real-time tracking after wake up.

■ GEO-Fence Alarm, Low battery Alarm.

■ Track and config device by PC & APP online & SMS query

■ Switch to emergency mode to restore the real-time tracking mode

■ Support multi-protocol and can be integrated into the platform of customers

■ OTA upgrade firmware.


This new GPS tracker which could help to reduce the cost of car insurance is a criminal’s worst nightmare. With one motor vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds in the USA, and with most of those cars not be returned, this new device could really cut down on car crime. It can help increase the number of vehicles that are returned and improve the arrest rate of car criminals. With car crime costing insurance companies 7 billion each year, it is no wonder why the insurance sector has become excited with this new device.

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