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The crowdfunding campaign aims to change the world and protect it for future generations. This campaign is the first of its kind where each watch sold will have a donation sent to an environmental charity.

One of the most important crowdfunding campaigns of recent years is set to be launched by a watch design company. The campaign which is the brainchild of Bacàn Official will help save the planet and provide a better environment for generations to come.

Bacàn Official which has become one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world has gained a reputation for selling some of the most stylish watches available. The young company designs traditional Italian watches with a modern stylish twist.

The watches come in four colors where each color represent saving the planet in different ways:

Green color = save the trees,

Silver color = save the air from CO2,

Red color = keep the coral floral,

Blue color = clean the ocean.

The crowdfunding campaign which will be launched on the Kickstarter platform will change the way watches are sold and how people choose which watch to buy. Bacàn Official will be donating some of the proceeds of each sale to an important charity that helps save the planet. However, it’s not down to the watch design company to decide who receives money from each sale, that is down to the customer.

The customer has a chance to make a real difference. They can choose to purchase the watch not just on how stylish it is, or how high quality the product is, but on what the watch actually represents. Once the customer has made a purchase, a donation will be sent to the charity. So, if a customer decides they want to buy a green colored watch then the money will be donated to save the trees. If the color of the watch is Silver then the money will be donated to Save the air from CO2. This is set to not only change the way people buy watches, but it will also help to bring more awareness on how people should do more.

When a person looks at their watch they see how stylish it is and it reminds them of why they bought the watch. However, buying a watch with Bacàn Official is more than that. The watch represents a true meaning, a focus to really make a difference, and how a simple purchase of a watch can help to save the environment of the planet.

To see all the watches available, and to learn more about the campaign and to see why so many people are calling Bacàn Official one of the most exciting new watch brands on the market, please visit

About Bacàn official

Bacàn official is the new target of elegance. A Modern elegance and accessible: a new brand made for every generation that looks to the shades of the past but remade in a modern way.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bacan Official
Contact Person: Media Manager

Phone: 346.0337388
Country: Italy

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