Dame Vera Lynn – A Friend of Sacred Music Radio


Today we learnt of the passing of an icon. Dame Vera Lynn. She raised the morale of the allies during World War 2. Her singing profoundly uplifted the spirits of the troops fighting the evils of Nazi Germany. With her music she gave hope to a nation that was in darkness.

Below is an excerpt from a letter we wrote to her on May 22nd.

 ‘….You are so well known for raising morale and providing a source of inspiration through music.

Sacred Music Radio was created to inspire people to appreciate each other’s music and religions and thereby promote interfaith harmony. Sacred Music Radio is part of Abrahamic Reunion (England), a registered charity in the UK.

We only play inspiring music from the world’s religions. No talking, just music.  The aim of the radio station is to bring peace and harmony to our troubled world. A similar aim to yours when you inspired our nation with hope during the dark days of World War II. When you said “music is so good for the soul … keep smiling and keep singing” – you lifted the nation’s spirits.’

On Friday June 12th 2020, Sacred Music Radio received an email (below) from her wishing us every success with Sacred Music Radio.

Dear Michael

Thank you for your lovely letter. Sadly I am unable to write these days, so please forgive me for replying by email.

Unfortunately I no longer give interviews, however, if you would like to send a few questions, I will ask my P A to help answer them.

I wish you and Amanda every success with Sacred Music Radio.

With good wishes.

The aim of Sacred Music Radio is to inspire people to appreciate each other’s religions and therefore become more tolerant of one other. The Abrahamic Reunion (England) was set up by my wife and I to inspire people on our planet in friendship and co-operation.

Michael Kenton founder of Sacred Music Radio. 07970 000 895 listen@sacredmusicradio.org  www.sacredmusicradio.org