Decenturion Emerges As One Of The Top State Designed On Technology


Decenturion has emerged as one of the top developing states that have been designed using the best of modern complex technology and it offers a progressive society and a fair economy model.

The desire for having a fair state has been kindled since times immemorial. Thanks to Decenturion, this dream is now becoming a reality. The state boasts of a transparent system wherein equal rights would be offered to everyone and anyone can become a citizen of the state.

As of August 2018, the numbers of citizens of the state stand at 250,000 people and more and more of them have expressed their interest in being a part of this model. The state runs on the model of direct democracy and it also managed to stand first in the world as far as density of millionaires per capita is considered. It also tops the list with parameters like level of education and even IT legacy.

One of the key spokesmen for the site was quoted as saying, “At Decenturion, we wanted to truly revolutionize technology and put it to the kind of use that could be a real boon to the mankind. We believe that we have managed to achieve our goal and we want the state to get as many citizens as we can to ensure that everyone gets a shot at the fair state model.”

Decenturion applies the decentralized technology to the economy and even the lawmaking field to make sure that it can achieve the fair model.  The number of physical residents of the state has been limited to 30,000,000 and the tax rate is currently 0%. The citizens can take part in the economy of the state by selling their tokens in the external market.

The legal residents of Decenturion are mainly the start-ups and this forms the basis of the economy. The start-ups need to distribute 50% of their tokens among the citizen of the state free of charge.

No doubt, the model looks promising and the company is optimistic that in the times to come, they are sure to become one of the popular and trending models. Three is a lot of buzz among people regarding this new state which has everyone talking.

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