Decenturion Hogs Limelight After Emerging As The Iconic Model For A Fair State Model


Decenturion has been hogging the news recently owing to their brilliant and innovate idea. The underlying idea is to develop a fair state model by leveraging the most complex of cutting edge technology.

As technology has been making widespread progress, the need was felt to have something revolutionary and yet effective. It was about time that technology was put to right use rather than misused.

So, the Decenturion state was made by leveraging the most of cutting-edge technologies and to have a progressive society that would have an effective economy and a fair state. The state would be transparent and there would be equal rights to everyone.

One of the key spokesmen for Decenturion was quoted as saying, “We know that people are intrigued after listening to our concept and already a lot of them have come forth and pledged to become a citizen of the state. However, our goal and aim are spread across a larger picture and we are determined to make this world a reflection of our fair state model.”

Currently, Decenturion is looking to purchase territories which will allow the state to gain the status of independence and they would be able to join the UN on the bias of the regulations in place. The state also ranks first in the world as far as the density of millionaires per capita is considered.

There is no doubt that a lot of thought, planning and effort had gone into the development of this model and the people responsible for it are elated at how their idea shaped when put into action. The response among the people has been overwhelming.

The state has a limited quota of 30,000,000 citizens and the tax rate is slated at nil. Decenturion is optimistic that they will be fulfilling their quota very shortly owing to the kind of buzz and excitement it has seen among too many people.

Those who would like to know more about what this model is and even pledge their citizenship should make it a point to visit 


About Decenturion

Decenturion is a fair state model which makes use of the most complex of technologies. They are governed by a set of transparent rules and believe that everyone would have an equal right in the functioning of the system. No doubt, it is a groundbreaking concept which is soon becoming a reality.