DeJardin Announces Availabilityof It’s Amazing Essential Oil Products


World number one brand ‘DeJardin’ Announces the availability of its amazing essential oil products now selling on Amazon.

Essential oils are so relevant today just as they were thousands of years ago. One thing we can learn from our ancestors is the power of natural extracts to make us feel better. Generations of humans ranging from all cultures, countries and climates have made use of plants and minerals in healing tinctures and for relaxation. This knowledge has not been lost, despite the appearance of extremely effective medicines in modern time. Natural extracts are still widely used in essential oils and aromatherapy.

The modern way of life can be extremely stressful and can easily become overwhelming. We long for quiet times, but this is likely to be a case of the grass being greener on the other side. “In looking for quality essential oil products, we consider several things such as good quality, great smell and durability, unfortunately this often leaves you looking for a price tag that will make you cringe… we wanted to change that and so… DeJardin essential oils was made” says Ruesei founder/CEO DeJardin.

DeJardin Essential oils comes fully packed in a set of six (6) product bottles and has amazing features which covers full spectrum of a well defined product. This features includes:

  • High Quality Essential Oils Set: DeJardin oils are completely unadulterated being 100% pure with no addictives, fillers, bases or carriers. The product go through rigorous quality control process from start to finish how fascinating it is.
  • Superior Protection and Packaging: Packed with amber UV blocking bottles, this keeps the oils fresh and protected against harmful light. The essential set comes beautifully boxed making it perfect for giving as a gift.
  • Special Offer:DeJardin essential oil set comes with a free E-book, which helps you discover the benefits of the 6 oils method of use and safety guidelines.

The amazing essential oils, are set to help restore a feeling of emotional peace, balance and happiness, thereby promoting the stability of holistic wellness. The ingredients are lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, tea tree and geranium oils. These active ingredients help in energizing, focusing, mood boasting, skin rejuvenating and cleansing of the body.


About DeJardin

DeJardin is an Australian owned and operated company in Melbourne, Australia. Their goal is to provide a holistic approach to wellness taking care of your mind, body and soul with their essential oil products.

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