Diana Toma Show Opens at Anne O Art


Diana Toma Show Opens at Anne O Art

Atlanta, GA May 21, 2019- Anne O Art (www.AnneOArt.com) is pleased to announce the successful opening of a collection of work by Romanian artist, Diana Toma.  Ms. Toma has recently completed a one-year artist in residency program at the Anne O Art gallery and is featuring her assembled works for viewing by the public.


“We are so pleased to have had Diana is in our gallery for the last year.  Her vibrant works and natural abilities have brought joy to our patrons and visitors for the last twelve months.  We are thrilled to have been involved in the evolution of her work,” said Anne Ostholhoff, owner of the gallery.  Gallery hours are from noon to 7PM Monday through Saturday and from noon until 5PM on Sundays.


The show, entitled Effulgence, captures the adventure of a year of painting in the Anne O Gallery.  People of all ages have spent time watching Ms.Toma paint in the gallery/studio and were able to watch the creation of work from idea and inception to finished work.  This rare glimpse into the creative process has been liberating for both the artist and the observer.  The show is open to the public through June 7, 2019.  Additional events are planned during this period.


Said Ms. Toma about her work, “My whole life gravitates around creating art. I am fascinated with observing unassuming moments, and I paint portraits of such instants, whether it’s people, places or instances. My subjects are an opportunity to witness and capture the uniqueness of being: a quick fluttering in time at the juncture of attention and intent. When observing wholeheartedly, I relate. I experience a communion with another’s essence – there is profound meaning to be found in that place where we overlap. My paintings are glimpses of such extraOrdinary moments, created with the intent to bring about a sense of wonder and engage the viewer at an emotional level.  To see more about Ms. Toma’s work, please visit



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Anne O Art is a gallery of illumination and inquiry.  The fine arts gallery is located in the Shops of Buckhead Atlanta, at 3035 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30305.  For more information, go to www.shopsofbuckheadatlanta.com.  The proprietor of the galley is Anne Ostholhoff, an artist herself, who curates the shows.



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