DigiStat Inc Baltimore Awarded State Contract


DigiStat Inc., headed by CEO James Green, a Baltimore based provider of secure solutions and technical support for the consumer, e-Government, IOT and Cybersecurity sectors announced today it has won a new project contract with a Maryland county to provide juvenile day reporting services. The contract focuses on services to youth which include case management, substance abuse education, community service projects, and program support services. The contract is a result of winning a formal competitive bid process administered by Baltimore County. This new contract, which expands existing services provided by DigiStat Inc., is valued at up to $3.7 million over a 5-year period, consisting of a 3-year initial term with two optional one-year extensions and is expected to generate annual recurring revenues of up to $750 thousand, higher than the prior contract, which generated annual recurring revenues of $400 thousand. The initial deployment and generation of recurring revenues are expected to commence in the winter of 2019.


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