DJ, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Web Consultant, Social Influencer Reaches Milestone Achievements


“Nothing is impossible – it might sound too ideal, but if you possess an indomitable spirit and a never-say-die attitude, you can achieve the world” well said by DJ WilSAF. That’s not all – you can inspire and influence people with your ideas and thoughts at the click of a button. Yes, the entertainment world has built an empire of influencers, who are icons in their own niche and relate to the masses in an effective manner.


It has been an amazing start to the year for Wilmot Faulkner aka DJ WilSAF, as his fan base has increased significantly. The ever-changing UK entertainment landscape continues to evolve over the past few years and Wilmot Faulkner seems not to be left out in helping to shape the industry to be one of the greatest on the planet. Besides being a DJ and Presenter Wilmot Faulkner is also a web consultant at his company, SELAKIFAULimited, which is presently trading as 5iveGem Inc. An Information Technology, Media, Entertainment and General Services Company Registered in England and Wales.


Wilmot Faulkner’s extensive portfolio is second to none, a de facto of professional standard. Little wonder why he goes by the name The Master Selector.Looking at the fact that DJ WilSAFhas a portfolio as one of the industry best DJ and superstar. He combines his effort as a DJ and an Entrepreneur.DJ WilSAFnow seems to be a force to reckon within the industry for many years to come. This significant achievement so far for DJ WilSAF simply connotes the fact that he has developed years of professional skills working in a variety of industries.


More About DJ WilSAF (Wilmot FAULKNER)

DJ WilSAF is known for his deep baritone voice and distinctive style of play. He is referred to as “The Master Selector”. Many would argue that he’s a people’s person with exceptional intellectual abilities, which he uses to demonstrate in his extraordinary mixing skills. Drawing upon over two decades of his professional experience as a DJ and radio presenter, one can say that he is extremely passionate about his work. When asked about why he is so passionate about DJ-ing he literally say “Every play comes with it’s own adventure, both fun and challenging. I love putting the puzzle pieces together and it’s important to understand your audience and the skills required to quickly adapt your music to your audience. DJ-ing can be a challenge yet rewarding as you have to deal with lot of different personalities. Many people assumed Djing is all about having a good selection of music and press play. There’s so much more than just a good selection of music. You have to have certain qualities and it also helps to be culturally aware, as you have to demonstrate your music to different cultures at some point in your life. Overall, nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoying themselves while I’m using the jockey, it’s rewarding!”


DJ WilSAF has gained major coins from DJ-ing in numerous clubs and private events worldwide, particularly in European countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, UK and this have put his lifetime worldwide box office gross to significant amount. Wilmot Faulkner now commands pocketing some real amount of figures as a world class DJ. The celebrity all round entertainer career is on a roller-coaster with numerous achievements been tagged to his name. DJ WilSAF is with no doubt one of the biggest action DJ we have right now, particularly if you put capes and suits aside.

Besides the fact that he’s recognised internationally, DJWilSAF is also well known in the UK as he has performed in various events and in some of themost prestige clubs in London such as Home House London, Strawberry Moons, Rainforest Cafe, Penthouse No1 Leicester Sq, Proud2 and Play Room

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