Dome Audio Gears Up For Global Launch Introducing Revolutionary Technology With The First Ever Surround Sound Bone Conduction Headphones™


NEW YORK – Dome Audio is set to launch the worlds first Surround Sound Bone Conduction and Dual Fidelity Headphones™ revolutionizing the way consumers hear music. Founder Ben White explains Dome Audio as a unique technology in which music lovers are able to hear audio through vibration and or conventional headphone speakers, offering the best of both worlds.

The crescent shaped headphones provide users comfort and a unique sound experience as it wraps about your ears for a full immersive experience. The signature DS 5 Series, available now for pre-order, uses patent pending technology with five vibrational speakers integrated into two attached dome speakers for a one of a kind sound experience. The D4 Series, also patent pending, generates powerful ambient sounds from four vibrational speakers.

Beta testers of the patented technology described it as “hearing a live concert in your head” while another, described it as “a musical massage with the bass rumbling through your body.“

As aspects of music, sports, and entertainment advance, so does the global accessory space for electronics. A recent research conducted by Grand View Research estimates the headphone and earphone market to reach twenty-five billion by 2025. Consumers are constantly in search of the next best thing and Dome Audio plans to provide consumers with a new way to hear and feel music. A radically new concept in audio engineering, Dome is now available for pre-order at

About Dome Audio’s Bone Conduction Technology:

Founder and CEO, Ben White, who spent his career in Music as a musician, producer and songwriter in addition to IP Tech Development, identified a number of key problems in this music accessory space. Recognizing that over-the-ear headphones reduce awareness of immediate surroundings and eliminate the important noises, White integrated what is known as bone conduction technology into their prototype.

While Bone conduction technology has been around for decades, it has never been perfected in such a model accessible to everyday consumers. With bone conduction speakers, sound doesn’t travel by air as in conventional headphones, but rather by vibration through solid mediums. When bone conduction speakers are placed around the head, the vibration resonates the bones of your head producing an acoustic effect unique to you. Dome Headphones uses this technology; however,  refer to it as “vibrational speakers” and with this, they have developed the worlds first Surround Sound Bone Conduction and Dual Fidelity Headphones™.

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