Dr. Ali Griffith Launches New Show To Help People Unsubscribe From Negativity


Dr. Ali Griffith Launches New Show

The new show has been launched to help empower listeners to remove negative obstacles in their life. Join her as she and her guests share how to eliminate toxic negative thinking to make a BOLD shift to positive energy power while dealing with the demands of family, friends and the world.


An exciting new weekly show has been launched by a well-known author and public speaker to help people improve their mindset and overcome negative obstacles in their lives. The Dr. Ali Griffith new show which airs every Friday and has already been hailed a success is available by visiting https://thedraligriffithshow.podbean.com/e/introduction-to-the-dr-ali-griffith-show/?token=c0b6da8d876051e463475a1cf44387f5


Each week, The Dr. Ali Griffith will invite new guests to share their experiences and skills to help motivate others. These conversations will cover things which include what is stopping people from fulfilling their dreams, and how meditation and positive thinking can improve a person’s life. It will also include advice about parenting, special needs, autism, and entrepreneurial guidance.


Tens of millions of people around the world are unable to live their life to the full. Many of those people miss out on promotions at work, while others fail to achieve a proper relationship with others. Some people fail to achieve their dreams of starting a new business, while others struggle to make a new business succeed. By having the right motivation, and removing negative obstacles, dreams and goals can be achieved.


When asked to explain more about the new show, Dr. Ali Griffith replied: “Everyone needs a turbo boost in life, and that is what we are trying to do. Each week we will cover different topics where our guests will share their unique tips, strategies and advice on becoming motivated and overcoming those obstacles that are stopping fulfilment.”


The new show will give people the tools, tips and the confidence and motivation they need to give meaning to their life.


To learn more about the new show and Dr. Ali Griffith, and how to live the life that you want and deserve, please visit https://thedraligriffithshow.podbean.com/mf/play/qp59kn/Ep_1_Who_is_Dr_Done.mp3


About Dr. Alisha Griffith


Dr. Alisha Griffith: Autism Mom, Communication Expert (Audiologist and Speech Pathologist), Best Selling Author, IGNITE Coach and Transformational Speaker and Trainer


Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is a compassionate professionally trained educator, speech-language pathologist, and an audiologist for nearly two decades. She has worked in schools, homes, offices, and in her own practice connecting those with speech and hearing difficulties. Through her work, Dr. Griffith has helped many BELIEVE in themselves and SHIFT their self-talk.