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The medical experts will be taking leave from their medical practice starting 2nd February 2019 and will return in June 2019. The work being undertaken is important and will help reduce the serious medical problems that is currently taking place in Comoros and Haiti.


A popular Doctor from Leola, Pennsylvania and his wife are taking leave from their medical practice to provide important voluntary work in Comoros and Haiti. Dr. Eric Roth and his new wife Dr. Jennifer DeLucca who are valued in their community have took up the mission to honor Dr. Deluccia’s adopted sisters who were born in these countries.


Dr. Eric Roth and Dr. Jennifer DeLucca will take leave from their offices in Leola, Pennsylvania and Newark Delaware in February where they will travel to Comoros on February 2nd 2019 to March 3rd 2019. They will then travel to Haiti arriving March 5th and will stay until 5th June 2019. While there, they will provide vital medical treatment including providing vaccines and will help to deal with medical records.


Although Dr. Eric Roth and Dr. Jennifer will be missed by their patients, and they will miss serving their community, the couple feel it is important to travel to Comoros and Haiti and do voluntary work and provide their medical experience.


Their colleagues and patients wish the popular Doctors a safe journey and look forward to their return.

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