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All around the country millions of individuals are devoting serious time and effort into growing their brands and personal projects. Dujuan Thomas has experienced this first hand, growing his own brand and business to an enormous degree. With his production company, Dujuan Thomas Productions, Dujuan has now turned to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, musical talents and everyday people get their stories featured in the media to grow their credibility, businesses and followers.

While working with several entrepreneurs, Dujuan has found that a large number of individuals with solid businesses and great stories aren’t reaching the amount of people they would like. By getting these individuals featured in the media, Dujuan Thomas Productions is able to change that quickly.

In Dujuan’s words, “Public Relations is an opportunity to control how the masses view your brand or business and position yourself as the go-to within your market. People don’t decide to work with you and spend money with you just because you’re a self proclaimed internet guru. They want to work with you when they believe you’re the expert in the field.”

Not only does Dujuan Thomas Productions help entrepreneurs, business owners, musical talents, ect. become the go-to authority in their space, but they also do so at record speeds. After meeting with a potential client, Dujuan is able to get most stories published in FOX, CBS, NBC, Yahoo, and several other media sources.

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