Earth Confirmed: Vital New “Voter’s Guide” PDF Compels Readers to Understand History…and Themselves


Peter Ebanks’ ‘Earth Confirmed’ is a frank and comprehensive guide to the core of humanity, how we came to be, what we’re made of and how it affects every decision the brain makes. Inspired by the author’s own time in prison, during which he witnessed the worst the system had to offer and learned hard truths about the US Government, Ebanks is now committed to sharing it with the world.

United Kingdom – After falling on hard times and being busted for drugs offences, Peter Ebanks found himself in the living hell that is the US Prison System. It’s an experience he’ll never forget.


Prison was a place where mental health patients were experimented on, where demons were allowed to run wild and where the true mandate of the US Government came to brutal, shocking light.


It’s a time that inspired Ebanks to pen ‘Earth Confirmed’ a PDF-format voter’s guide that will help them understand where to place their ‘X’ with confidence.




To understand where to place your voter’s X, you must first understand yourself and your history.


The creator not only created each one into his own image, but he also extended each one with his and hers own mind over body and soul mental guidance, based on self-intelligence and moral understandings. World Voter’s Guide PDF explains why all humans possess supernatural powers to guide themselves on their own initiatives.


The human body is made up of millions of cells that work in groups. Each group carries out a different function in the body; mostly for repairing organs and keeping the body safe and protected from invading foes. When man-made polluted substances keep entering the body; the cells attack and fight to protect the body, until the cells age and dies after years of fighting. Human’s behavior is similar to the cells that protect and the cells that invade, in terms of violence and peace keeping. When certain cells die out; organs start to breakdown and illnesses kicks in, which are caused by the type of contaminated foods our bodies take in, in terms of fertilized foods, hormone foods, air pollution, etc. The human body is like a car battery. The battery contains acid, which in humans would be our blood. The acid contains millions of electrons keeping the battery energize to start the engine. When the electrons in the battery die for whatever reason; the acid goes into distress, until charge is induced back into the acid to activate the electrons again. Humans operate the same and once we use our skills, we can induce charge back into ourselves and humans to activate back dead cells. Once all original cells are reactivated back; any organs that are not functioning will be repaired by the activated cells and existing foes within the body will be attacked and killed by the activated cells.


“What I saw in prison was absolutely inhumane,” explains the author. “But I learned so much about the US Government, what it’s out to achieve and how it guards itself as a superpower to be feared even by its own allies. The nation is currently at a political and societal crossroads, so I knew I had to share all I learned while there was still time.”


Continuing, “The PDF is available directly from my website, along with a host of other items and merchandise. I strongly urge everyone to pick up a copy – your life could literally depend on it.”


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About the Author:


My Profile: My author’s name: Peter Ebanks. Born 30th April 1968 (Taurus) Born in Florida, Miami Dade.

At the age of 24 I purchased a house and due to unstable employment I ran into financial difficulties and started selling drugs, got caught by Miami Dade police and was sent to Florida Department of Detention, where I discovered that the US government were carrying out illegal experiments with mental health patients. Some mental health patients are actually possessed with demonic evil spirits and possess strong forces. I witness these inmates’ forces and was subjected to them to the point where I had to develop fast mind over body and soul powers. My powers became so powerful that they embraced me and became best friends with me, mental health patients and guards as well. I learnt a lot about America and how their Government is run and operated and the political influence America has on the rest of the world that scares the United Kingdom and all the other American Allies.