Elisia the New Blockchain Revolution Launch Its New Blockchain Technology On November 30th 2019


Leading cryptocurrency firm ‘Elisia’ announces the launch of its new blockchain technology on November 30th, 2018. Over the years Cryptocurrency has become the new Goldrush and one the world’s cryptocurrency that is backed by DAPPS is Elisia.

Elisia is the most exciting development in the blockchain world since Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed Bitcoin in 2008. Elisa provides lightning fast transactions with no fee. Each transaction will reach its destination in lightning speed without any fee to the sender or receiver.  Decentralized Applications (DAPPS) can be created with ease and deployed on the Elisia network.

The Elisia network is blockchain driven and brings transparency to a new level. Project owners will be able to see all the economic activity in real time on the Elisia network. Elisia project profits and the acquisition of new Elisia reserves will be visible in real time. All tokens, bounties, air drops, etc will be represented on the blockchain, where the Elisia team will be able to monitor all the transactions and profit creation of each individual object.

A statement by the company CEO Tony Smith says “We are proud to launch Elisia to the world. Our ICO participants stand to make a great profit from all of our tokens. The users have a chance to invest in the Elisia ICO and become a part of an established and ever-growing project as we seek to make history. The scheduled date for our ICO is November 30th 2018”.

The 21st century brings a lot of innovations into our life but one of the essential features of this century is the fast developing technological world where people take advantage of cyberspace capabilities and make full use of it to build, own, sell or buy a home. Nowadays there are so many blockchain-based decentralized marketplaces and people but none of them stand out like Elisia.

Elisia blockchain is a delegated proof of stake (DPOS) chain with other side chains comprising of different algorithms like proof of stake (POS), proof of work (POW) and delegated proof of stake (DPOS) etc. “We at Elisia propose a unified blockchain solution, which synchronizes all of the blockchain development platforms in a common platform and provides a substantial interface to develop and deploy the blockchain based public and private applications on a master chain known as Elisia” said Andrew Shypunov the company COO.

At Elisia all crucial integration of blockchain technology service is ever on their fingertips. Also their team of experts works day and night to provide its clients a lifetime free flowing blockchain technology using the best decentralized tools available.

Get covered today with Elisia Project and experience a lifetime financial service.

About the Company

Elisia is a licensed financial company that stands for quality, sustainability, innovation, and regional blockchain services supported by the FCC (Fair Construction Code) certificate. Its mission is to be the most trusted blockchain company ever to be known.

For more information and purchase of Elisia Tokens visit https://www.elisia.io

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