Entrepreneur Damalus Curry Dominates The Scent Marketing industry


Scent marketing has become a multi-million-dollar industry around the world where it helps create memories and moments and to enhance brands and businesses with the aim to increase sales. In recent years it has become one of the most powerful ways to interact with potential customers to connect with their emotional, memorable and behavior levels. One man who knows how powerful scent marketing is and the benefits it provides is Black Entrepreneur Damalus Curry.

Damalus Curry who is a mild-mannered businessman but at the same time one of the most determined and focused entrepreneurs you are most likely to meet had a vision six years ago, and that vision was to open his own scent marketing company in the Bahamas and make it a world leader. The determined businessman whose claim to fame is being a Marketing leader/curator at his self-named marketing and branding company, Damalus Curry Marketing Group (DCMG) was undeterred from the many obstacles put in front of him.

Nobody believed that when Damalus Curry set up his company in the Bahamas that it would grow at the speed it has today. From launching as a small business, Scentpression now boasts offices in Florida, The Bahamas and Canada Island thanks to the acquisition of ScentTech Aromatics and partnering with Ted Green’s ScentsStation in the Cayman Islands. It is today one of the most respected and well-known scent marketing companies in the world and has become a leader in the industry in technology; all thanks to the vision Damalus Curry had six years ago.

Damalus learned at an early age that big risk equals a huge reward. “Risks are something I have to take. It’s something that motivates me and drives me to keep going. Never knowing what the outcome may be but hoping the outcome will be what you want it to be”, explained Damalus.

His success in the scent marketing industry and his reputation has allowed him the opportunity to expand his business empire and launch other ventures. Those ventures include Bahamas Outdoor Media, and the One Investment Group Ltd (Finance and Real Estate Development). While many entrepreneurs are focused on increasing their empire and their wealth, Damalus wants to use his success to help his local community. His aim is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship.

He said, “I want to be able to inspire people and encourage people to love what they do. I think some people are still living in that old  dream that you must get that piece of paper to be successful. There are athletes, there’s doctors, rappers, actors, but when you think of an entrepreneur, it doesn’t sound like an ideal job title.”

One of Bahamas most recognizable businessmen Damalus knows that through encouraging the next breed of entrepreneurs he’s not only helping people to improve their lives, but he is also helping to create jobs and improve the local economy.

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