Esteban Kadamani Shares Critical Tips During Dotcom Magazine Interview


 Infinite Windows, LLC Co-Founder and Managing Director, Esteban Kadamani

Palo Alto, CA – May 4, 2019 – Infinite Windows, LLC Co-Founder and Managing Director, Esteban Kadamani, has been featured by Dotcom Magazine as part of its Impact Players Roundtable Interview Series. Kadamani shared his thoughts during an exclusive interview with Dotcom Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Andy “Jake” Jacob, on topics of particular interest to entrepreneurs and startup owners.

Infinite Windows, LLC specializes in windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, and glass railings. The company works with new and custom construction projects, residential and commercial replacements, and high-rise buildings. A single job by the fledgling company was enough to ultimately propel it to a multi-million dollar business.

A critical point for many entrepreneurs is their elevator pitch and Kadamani acknowledged that the words are important, but equally significant is what’s demonstrated rather than verbalized. Body language that exudes confidence and competence while an individual speaks calmly yet passionately demonstrates an elevated level of professionalism.

Every business owner believes certain things about their company and that can lead to an attitude that speaks of cockiness rather than confidence. It can blind individuals to new ideas and lucrative opportunities.

“I think there are two kinds of beliefs, a superiority belief and a confidence belief,” said Kadamani. “Superiority belief is when someone thinks their opinion is the only correct view, and confidence belief is when you feel good with what you know and experienced, but you are open to different opinions.”

Traveling, talking to others and experiencing different cultures can have a distinct impact on a business and helps individuals learn about new trends, technologies and techniques. It’s essential to stay ahead of the competition and it’s a strategy that’s worked extraordinarily well for Kadamani and Infinite Windows, LLC.

Launching any new endeavor is time-consuming and one mistake that’s common among entrepreneurs and startup owners is failing to create a work-life balance. Spending time with family and friends is rejuvenating, enhances creativity, and enables individuals to see their projects with a fresh perspective.

Kadamani believes it’s important to lead by example, learn and understand the people an individual is leading, and discover what’s important to them. Equally essential is the ability to maintain a company’s reputation, even if that means losing money due to a mistake or oversight. Take responsibility and make it right at all costs.


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