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Decentralized Blockchain Project

EUROCASH is a revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency under Smart Contracts registered in the Blockchain Network geared to be the future of anonymous payments all over the World. EUROCASH is the only decentralized cryptocurrency that is created to be used in any project with one hundred percent (100%) crypto.

While present methods offer to solve a problem, they are inefficient to use and maintain results in high transaction fees. EUROCASH is a truly decentralized, secure, multipurpose, & easy-to-use product based on Ethereum blockchain. It includes an easy token payments integration and even a digital trading and arbitration system. In the end, the objective is to integrate all digital service sellers into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will create a truly efficient, transparent, and reliable solution. Eurocash allows you to pay in stable crypto on the go – Quickly, securely, without any commission fees.

EUROCASH is built on blockchain technology. A blockchain functions as a secure, public ledger of all transactions on a peer-to-peer network that cannot be tampered with except through the use of an impractically large amount of computing power. A complete copy of the ledger is stored on each node in the network, allowing for such security. Specifically, EUROCASH is built on the Ethereum blockchain in order to achieve a completely decentralized system. The benefits of a decentralized system are numerous. Firstly, on a decentralized system, there is less likely to be a single point of failure on the network. In a centralized system, if the central node in the network fails, the whole network fails with it. However, in a decentralized system, the network’s data and computational power is distributed among many nodes, requiring a larger number of nodes to fail before the network is seriously impacted by the failures. Secondly, by distributing computing resources across a decentralized system, as the network grows, so too does the computational power of the network. Finally, in conjunction with blockchain technology, a decentralized network allows transactions to be independently verified by any node in the network, eliminating the need for trust in a central institution to verify transactions for everyone. As the benefits of a decentralized network become more apparent, it is clear that the future of the web (sometimes called Web 3.0) is a decentralized one.

Why choose EUROCASH

• Zero fees We want a stable currency to be available for everybody – so we’ve eliminated commissions. Pay with Eurocash and send it to anyone with 0% fee.

• Fast and easy transactions Instantly send funds to your friends by mobile phone number, name from Contacts, their Eurocash Wallet’s user-name, or personal QR code. Easily repeat regular transactions. Get your real-time balance and a full history of transactions at any time.

• High-grade security Due to blockchain technology, all wallet transactions are verified, stored in a distributed ledger and can’t be compromised. This means your funds are safely protected against seizure and it’s nearly impossible to make a transfer without your permission.

• Low barrier to entry Eurocash has been designed with mass adoption in mind. It is true that the large majority of people outside the community are still skeptical about cryptocurrencies and that it will take time to gain support among them. Nevertheless, inflated equity valuations, negative yields and a lack of alternative opportunities to invest in the current investment environment will force investors to take part in cryptocurrencies and businesses created upon blockchain technology. Eurocash offers an easy to use, anonymous, stable entry to market, with a strong use case for common payments with no fees.

The total EUROCASH to be issued will be: 5,000,000,000. The face value of each EUROCASH will be $0.1. As the EUROCASH platform grows, an increase in the demand of EUROCASH is to be expected. This increase will cause token/coin price to rise, other things being equal. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive volatility, EUROCASH will be able to increase the number of tokens/ coins in circulation by drawing EUROCASH from the reserve fund. EUROCASH is being developed by a global Team with extensive experience in Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and project funding. The important point here is that the total supply of coins/tokens and their level of liquidity, along with the size of the platform in terms of transaction volume, will directly influence the price of EUROCASH. The EUROCASH are minted (not mined), Ethereumbased ERC-20 standard coins. EUROCASH is consciously and intently designed to fund projects. Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies have generated new ways of transferring value and clearing transactions. While different in many ways from Governments-issued currency or the old bank notes from free banking times, some basic monetary theory principles remain applicable insofar as they purport to have transactional functionality.

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