Europa-Road Kft. makes international freight transportation easier for Hungarian and european customers as well


Europa-Road Kft brings changes to Hungarian Freight Transportation System. The change is expected to increase transportation productivity 


Hungary, 25th of April 2019: Logistic transportation is a service that needs an extensive dedication from those involved in it. The services provided must also be very cost-efficient if they want to bring new customers in while at the same time keeping the old customers at bay. Those who work in the world of logistic transportation must have innate qualities to serve and to innovate. Those are qualities that cannot be found in most people, qualities that make for a good service provider.


While qualified people of such skills are rare to be had in the world, the individuals in Europa-Road Kft are those who exhibit such qualities. They aim to provide the best logistic transportation to both European and non-European countries. 


A company that sticks zealously to the latest developments surrounding the field of freight transportation, Europa-Road Kft ensures that it provides the best experience for customers. Not only it wants to offer the best logistic transportation for others, but it also wants to keep the cost at bay. Europa-Road Kft aims to be a company that provides high-quality services for a fraction of the commonly-found price tag.


“Europa-Road is proud to be the one who advances Hungarian freight transportation, allowing the good people of Hungary to experience the fastest and the most efficient logistic transportation that they have ever afford,” the spokesperson of Europa-Road Kft said. “This is just one of our steps to further the logistic transportation in Hungary, and customers can expect more good things to come from Europa-Road in the future,” he added.


“Our company specializes in transportations of any kind of supply, shipments. We are also very open to transporting oversized or overweight types of machinery, something that our competitors would not do,” another spokesperson said.


About Europa-Road Kft

A Hungarian-based freight logistics company, Europa-Road Kft is dedicated to bringing the best logistics transportation to the people of Europe and people of other countries outside the continent. With a wealth of 10 years of experience behind it, the company has managed to become the most prestigious company in Hungary. They put customer satisfaction as their primary goal, putting profits and other self-fulfilling actions behind them to provide the best customer experience possible. That thinking alone is what rocketed them to the point of popularity that they are in now.


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Contact information


Contact information

Company Name: Europa-Road Kft.

CEO: Karajos Krisztián

Mobile: +36-20-553-5722


Phone: +36-52-787-520

Address: 4031 Debrecen, Tócóskert Tér 8.

Country: Hungary