Portland, Oregon: Black Friday was SOLD OUT this year, which gave Madonna (Extra Touch Events owner) an idea. ”Let’s help Santa disperse gifts to all my clients this year”.  Packages began arriving via FedEx and UPS by the dozens every day and “filled my small office”. The only logical next step was to write a blog about how to share your Christmas spirit with all of your friends and clients. You can read it here: https://extratouchevents.com/find-gifts-party-planner-portland/

Extra Touch Events knows how to entertain large groups or small private dinners. One of our largest awards dinner events was with 2,500 guests and entertainment came from the Pointer Sisters. While our favorite events are Corporate and Business Events, we also enjoy holiday parties with Santa, Product Launches with the elves, Banquets and Catering.

Corporate gift buying is encouraged year around, not just during the holidays.

 All of us celebrate events throughout the year. The next time that you are in charge of a special event, please call us at 503-757-7121 or email us at suever@extratouchevents.com.  Check out our video: https://youtu.be/2WJZwTvOYBU

  • Anniversary / Retirement
  • Birthday
  • Bridal / Baby Shower
  • Engagement / Wedding
  • Graduation

Everything we design caters to our clients preferred level of assistance, which is why we deliver what we promise and only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humor and a great deal of thought. Our clients are our partners and we are at our best when working together to produce extraordinary results.


Madonna Suever
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/2WJZwTvOYBU