Exciting Celebrity Art Exhibition To Hit Toronto May 15th 2019


Art By Amer Sm presents “Iconic Memories”. The exhibition take people on a magical, exciting and celebrity journey of celebrity icons that have inspired the world of sport, fashion, or sheer influence.

One of the most talked about new artist of right now is set to showcase their work at an exhibition that will take place at Royal Toronto, 214 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z9, Canada. Amer Sal Mohammed, who was born in Saudi Arabia has put together an exhibition of celebrity artwork that will take people on an amazing journey of those celebrities who really do count.

Amer Sal Mohammed, who manages to bring the canvas alive has got the art world excited with news of his new exhibition. Since the news broke that he was holding an exhibition of celebrity artwork fans have become excited. But, when it was revealed that the artwork would be of celebrities who are trending, and sport and fashion stars who have influenced the world we live in, celebrities have been wondering if they will be included. However, for those that want to know who the most important celebrities are right now, and who are worthy of Amer Sal Mohammed artistic expression will have to visit the exhibition which will take place on May 15th & May 16th.


The artist has become a breath of fresh air to the artworld, bringing his own exciting interpretation to the artwork. He has the ability to stop people in their tracks. His expression is unique, taking people on a journey, a journey of complete imagination. He wants people to delve into their imagination and let the artwork speak for itself.

Since becoming known to the artworld Amer Sal Mohammed reputation has been catapulted and not just in his own country and not just in Toronto. The artist has gained fans in all corners of the world.

When asked about the exhibition, Amer replied, “My partner and I wanted to create an atmosphere of cultural icons, but with a twist to their accomplishments, something that could display their achievements, but in a more subliminal tone. We really tried to focus on giving the audience the ability to feel they’re uncovering hidden details as they gaze through each piece.”

Some of the celebrity artwork to look out for is Drake and the recently passed Karl Lagerfeld, as well as the political twist paintings on both the Canadian & American presidents. This exhibition is set to be one of the most talked about this year.

Learn more about Mohammed and see examples of his work at http://www.artbyamersm.com.

About Amer Sal Mohammed

Amer Sal Mohammed unique vision, creativity and ability will kick-start art lover’s imagination, taking them to places where their mind has never been, and make them see the true magic in the canvas.

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Royal Toronto – 214 Ossington Ave

Date: May 15th & May 16th

Doors Open: 8 p.m. – 1 a.m.

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