An Exciting New Book The Kite For Nanny Launched On Amazon

The new book explorers what friendship is really all about and takes the reader on an exciting journey that follows a young girl whose only aim in life is to have true friends

A new book which has been described as one of the most exciting new book of 2017 by a new author has been launched on Amazon. The Kite For Nanny, written by Jane Kvashnina explores the story of friendship and how friends can help each other.

The book which is available as a Kindle download for $3.02 and a paperback for $7.99 is a heart-warming book that is suitable for adults and children alike. The story follows a young ten-year-old girl called Lisa who worries like a lot of children that she will never have true friends. Each day and night she dreams of having true friends, whom she can play with instead of being a lonely girl with only her mother, dad, and nanny for company.

In her desperation to find the warmth of friendship and not feel alone, Lisa gets in trouble. With no friends and with getting into trouble, the lonely young girl is rescued by her loving grandfather and grandmother who take her to their house by the sea. It’s here where Lisa finally starts to make friends, and where her dreams of making friends become a reality.

When asked to explain more about the book, Jane Kvashnina said: “Lisa meets two children when she moves near the seaside, an eleven-year-old boy called Peter and his eight-year-old sister Jackie. Her two new friends bring Lisa happiness and together they go on a journey of helping a farm worker find love.”

The story follows Lisa on her adventure with her new friends where they become gymnasts and where they explorer a haunted house. The book is like no other, and that is one of the reasons why it has gained so many good reviews on book review sites.

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