Expert 38% – Dr. Martin Schwarz’s Teeth Whitening Gel Take Dental Aesthetics To A New Level


Dr. Martin Schwarz – oral care brand known for its antibacterial gel for teeth Bioscaling, reveals that its teeth whitening product Expert 38% provides outstanding whitening results without post-treatment tooth sensitivity.


Expert 38% was developed in LDK GmbH laboratories for users willing to achieve quick and excellent whitening results. Remarkable aesthetic improvements delivered by Expert 38% whitening gel occur thanks to carefully crafted proportions of its ingredients.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% teeth whitening gel


“The formula of Expert 38% contains an active ingredient – Carbamide Peroxide which accelerates the whitening process and reduces the probability of hypersensitivity often linked with whitening procedures. The EDTA component present in Expert 38% additionally supports the enamel brightening by binding colored metal ions such as iron. The right proportions of water and glycerol prevent the teeth from drying out during the procedure. Glycerol ensures also high comfort of use and, together with potassium nitrate prevents post-operative tooth sensitivity.” – explained Chief R&D Officer of LDK GmbH Dr. Matthias Berg.

Expert 38% whitening gel with Flexi Trays mouth trays – Dr. Martin Schwarz


Unique concentrations of ingredients, make Expert 38% very effective in removing organic discolorations from the teeth surface, providing immediate and visible whitening results just after the very first whitening session. The product is suitable for in-office whitening treatments as well as for teeth brightening sessions carried out independently with the use of the mouth trays.

About Dr. Martin Schwarz

Dr. Martin Schwarz is an oral care brand, which belongs to LDK GmbH with a  headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany. The firm produces a variety of dental products based on the most recent scientific research and technologically innovative formulas.


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