Famous Tastemaker Food Event Chooses Plate-A-Cup As Their Main Supplier


Eco-Eats Partyware Plate-A-Cup, 12-pack, 7″ Eco-Friendly Appetizer Disposable Party Plates have become a big hit with consumers and event companies. The organizers of the Tastemaker tour were so impressed with the disposable party plate they ordered 6,000 of them.

Eco-Eats Partyware Plate-A-Cup

The famous Tastemaker Food Festival Tour which is visiting cities around the USA and hosted by the city’s top chefs has chosen Eco-Eats Partyware Plate-A-Cup as their main supplier. The organizers of the event have ordered 6,000 Plate-A-Cup for their tour so guests can enjoy their food and drink without having to try and do the impossible and balance them while enjoying the show.


It’s no wonder why Tastemaker has chosen the Plate-A-Cup, especially after it has become one of the most recommended Eco-friendly Disposable Party Plates in the event industry. It’s not only the event industry and corporate companies that have seen the benefit of the plate that removes the stress of trying to eat food while holding a beverage at the same time. Consumers have become big fans of the party plates where they are using them for parties, picknicks, outdoor events, and even dinner events. But it doesn’t stop there. The Eco-Eats Partyware Plate-A-Cup has gained huge reviews by professional reviewers who have called it forward thinking and a must have for any event.


The 7-inch square Eco-friendly Disposable Party Plates come in a twelve pack and are available to purchase from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Plate-Cup-Eco-Friendly-Appetizer-Disposable/dp/B00CMQ73FK) priced at just $7.99. The party plates are made of sugarcane, which means they are eco-friendly and 100% tree-free and plastic free. They work with cups, cans, bottles, and can even be used when having a dinner party where there are not enough tables.


When asked why the party plates have become such a huge hit with party planners, wedding planners, event planners, and consumers, a spokesman for Eco-Eats replied: “Our party plate stands out because it convenient and solves an age-old problem by allowing a person to hold their drink and plate in one hand so the other hand is free to eat, shake hands, exchange a business card, etc.”


The party plates are not just great for helping people to enjoy their food without worrying about balancing their drink and food at the same time. They are also being used to help people keep an eye on their drinks served at parties. One of the biggest problems at parties when being served with alcohol is having to put that drink down unattended while enjoying something to eat. Police advise people not to leave a drink unattended but trying to eat and hold a drink at the same time is impossible. However, the Plate-A-Cup allows people to keep their drink in view at all times.


The Partyware Plate-A-Cup is perfect for parties, weddings, food & wine festivals, fairs/carnivals, concerts, picnics, camping, food trucks, sports stadiums, networking/corporate events, trade shows, boat entertaining, tailgating, etc.


To learn more about the Plate-A-Cup, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Plate-Cup-Eco-Friendly-Appetizer-Disposable/dp/B00CMQ73FK


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