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Guangdong, China- August 1, 2019- Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. Ltd is a reputable manufacturer of GPS and IoT monitoring and GPS tracking devices as well as a manufacturer of tracking software solutions related to the tracking devices that can be synced with mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. The company has employed well trained and qualified technical staff members who are well experienced in research and development relating to tracking and monitoring systems. The products made by Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology are utilized in a wide range of industries such as; Car rental, Fleet management, machine to machine tracking, Trucking and logistics, School bus management, secure transportation solutions, Employee management and Operation centric solutions among others.

The company spokesperson commented, “Our chain supply visibility solutions with a smart GPS tracking device and condition tag sensors offer a vivid view into cargo location, humidity, temperature, light, shock, and movement as it travels through the supply chain. Their on-demand data and customized alerts assist in ensuring that the shipment remains within regulatory compliance and maintenance of supply chain policies. Eelink Communication Technology is also planning to launch a new 3G magnetic asset tracker. Clients can now ensure efficient maintenance of their vehicles with the new magnetic car tracking devices from Eelink Communication Technology.

The company uses the latest technology to develop a high-performance motorcycle GPS tracking device. The company has a wide selection of tracking products that offer excellent tracking services. It leverages its experience to provide top-notch products that contain an essential solution. Their devices can store data automatically for 500 hours and also offer remote fault diagnosis s for each client’s requirements — their equipped support plug and play for easy use by the users.

The spokesperson said, “Mini GPS tracker allows clients to stay in contact with their loved ones and assets. Eelinktech manufactures GPS tracker systems, the most common in use are mini GPS car tracker, which is installed in their luxury cars and other vehicles. Some of the companies’ manufacture cars with pre-installed GPS tracker, since it has turned out to be the basic and most important requirements for the car owners.”

EelinkTech is the top IoT device manufacturer in entire China. The company produces IoT devices that are 4G based on a low power wide area solution. That means the users will not have to rely on any traditional 2G or 3G communication service. The IoT sensors do not consume much energy as well as it serves a wide area. The sensors are developed for residential applications such as temperature, heat gas, and water monitoring. These devices support voice functionality, have low power consumption and other beneficial feature.



About Eenlink Technologies

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology is an acclaimed GPS tracking manufacturer reputable for manufacturing a high quality range of products such as GPS tracking software, WCDMA/4G LTE Cat M1,  OBD & CAN bus-related services, NB-IoT positioning, Individual, vehicle and pet positioning, GPS tracker for cars, magnetic car tracking device, ODM as well as OEM among others. The company is an award-winnng company founded in the year 2004 primary to manufacture and sell unrivaled communication terminal devices.

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