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Summary: The SafePay scheme puts a stop to rogue traders. With the scheme, builders are not paid until homeowners are 100% satisfied with the work that has been done. The scheme has been described as one of the most important moves within the building industry and stops projects going over agreed budgets.


In 2018, WHICH surveyed 1,461 of their members to ask if they trusted builders and roofers, a whopping 38% said they didn’t. With stories of “Rogue builder jailed after failing to complete contracts”, has said enough is enough.  Book A Builder UK, which is an online resource to help property owners find professional builders have launched a safe payment scheme (SafePay) to give consumers more confidence in the building industry.


The Safe Payment Scheme which aims to put rogue traders out of business will put an end to stories in the media which include ‘Fake builders scam network EXPOSED after claiming widow victim’, and ‘Dodgy Builders Destroyed My Home’. Through using the SafePay scheme property owners don’t have to worry about not receiving the work they have paid for, or builders disappearing after being paid their money, or work not up to a professional standard. Now, thanks to a builder only gets paid once the job has been completed and when the homeowner is 100% satisfied with the work.


The SafePay scheme not only makes sure work is done to a high standard, but it also stops projects going over the agreed budget. So how does the scheme work? Bradley Jarvis (CEO – explained: “A person looking for a professional builder through our online directory will agree on a price with their chosen builder and pay the agreed price to us. We will only release those funds once the job has been done to the complete satisfaction of the customer.”


Bradley Jarvis continued: “We are the first business in the home services marketplace to provide an end-to-end escrow facility using the latest financial technology. The flaw with “Checking” and “Vetting” websites is that when there is a dispute with a job or a payment there isn’t much support given to either the homeowner or the tradesmen. It is also increasingly difficult to know who to trust when “Review’ based services also have the potential for false or misleading information – we are going to change that with our new product SafePay”.


Gavin Dutton, former Managing Director of who has now joined has called the SafePay scheme as the most important tool to put rogue traders out of business.


“SafePay is really what attracted me to the business. It’s the next step in the home services marketplace and BookABuilder’s platform is positioned perfectly to implement this service and certainly will be the first to the market with this offering”, explained Gavin Dutton.


One of the big problems of fake builders is they target the elderly. Following an 18-month joint investigation by the Met and Bromley, Enfield and Essex Trading Standards, police charged three defendants on November 17, 2017, after swindling nearly £400,000 from their elderly victims. The three which included Patrick Cleere, 65, of Ealing Village, William Cleere, 64 of Uxbridge Road, Timothy Cleere, 39, of Gurnell Grove, were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on May 2018 to nine years’ imprisonment, 32 months in prison, and 12 months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months and was given 240 hours of unpaid work. The SafePay scheme could have avoided the heartache that was caused to the elderly victims.


Gavin said “I’m delighted to join Book A Builder, it’s a brand that has huge potential and great ambition in this industry. I’m confident in the SafePay initiative. It’s what our market place needs. I truly believe it will make a positive impact bringing an enhanced level of protection and support to many tradespeople and customers. I can’t wait to get started and am really looking forward to the journey ahead”.


Bradley Jarvis and Gavin Dutton want to work closely with the police and Trading Standards to promote their new scheme to stop people from falling victim to rogue traders.

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