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Amer Nejma, an Irish-Tunisian musician, producer, and promoter is helping young artists in Tunisia to get their music out there. El Distro Network is helping young artists to spread their music with their distribution and promotion platform.

Irish-Tunisian musician, producer, and promoter Amer Nejma has revolutionized the Tunisia music industry with his company El Distro Network. The computer engineer who has a passion for music saw how young artists were struggling to get their music out there and have it promoted to a wider audience. Using his experience, he put right what major record companies should have done many years ago and set up the first Music Distribution and Promotion company in Tunisia and the North African Region.

In 2020, young artists trying to breakthrough in the music industry have fewer opportunities than they did in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. The big record labels and distribution companies are only interested in big named artists and artists that are found on talent shows. Real young artists are now expected to write their music, sing their music, record it, and promote it.

Before Amer Nejma came along with his company El Distro Network, those young artists In Tunisia, had fewer options to get their music promoted and distributed than in other countries such as the UK and the USA. For an artist in Tunisia to go to the next step they had to use the services of a distribution and promotion company from another region. That was expensive, and for most young artists was un-affordable. Now thanks to El Distro Network, young artists in Tunisia can get their music out to a wider audience and showcase their music to the world.

El Distro Network, who are looking for new talented artists are helping to launch their careers of young talented artists. Their services include but not limited to:

Deliver to the largest network of stores & streaming partners

Collect the neighbouring rights & publishing royalties

License your music in TV, film, video games & more

Protect your YouTube videos & music with Content ID

Ringtone & STEM Distribution

24-hour distribution & processing

Social Media Management Platform


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One of the biggest complaints from popular artists including Taylor Swift who recently left her record label is not having control over their music and career. Thanks to Amer Nejma, artists who he works with have full control of their career, finances, and future.


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About Amer Nejma

Amer Nejma (born November 13, 1989) is an Irish – Tunisian Music Producer, Promoter and Founder of El Distro Network.