A bold claim to be the “biggest innovation in anti wrinkle solutions” but Fraxin are a bold company, they need to be, taking on the oligopolistic anti-wrinkle industry…..

 Fraxin cream

So what is the innovation and why all the noise?


Essentially Fraxin™ is a 100% plant based, herbal remedy for defeating age related wrinkles. It is vegan and halal friendly, doesn’t require a prescription, works within hours and can be administered in a number of ways by aesthetics practitioners. This offers many points of differentiation to your standard Botulinum Toxin Type A products (Botox, Azzalure etc).


For comparison:


Fraxin has only two ingredients, both of which are extracted directly from plants. These are Spilanthol (Paracress) and Toosendanin (Melia Toosendan). This makes the product entirely organic and halal/vegan friendly. Botulinum Toxin products are neither halal or vegan friendly.


Being plant based means that the product enjoys classification as a herbal remedy within Europe  (dietary supplement in the U.S.). This means that product is available to all aesthetic practitioners, as opposed to Botulinum Toxin products that are only available to those with the ability to prescribe (prescription).

Fraxin™ must still be prepared on site by the practitioner and does require a consultation that is face to face.


Botulinum Toxin products can typically take up to 2 weeks to show their effects, Fraxin™ on the other hand delivers results inside 3 hours, this opens up a market for “just in time” administrations.


Finally, Botulinum Toxin products are typically only administered via injection, Fraxin™ on the other hand shows results when administered via injection, microneedle, microchannel, dermapen, derma stamp, hydra stamp, mesotherapy, hyaluron pen (no needle) and as a PRP mixing agent. This opens up the anti-wrinkle market to many different practitioners.


The science is fairly simple, an initial relaxation of the muscles is delivered by the Spilanthol, this is supplemented by a long term acetylcholine inhibition by the Toosendanin; the latter being the same process as Botulinum Toxin Products.


Results have been proven to be 16 weeks+, exactly in-line with Botulinum Toxin based products.


Lastly, cost. Whilst costs for Botulinum Toxin based products vary between distributors, market analysis has shown Fraxin™ to be between 40% and 70% cheaper based on a comparable measurement to Botulinum Toxin products. This means increased margins for practitioners and reduced costs for their clients.


Fraxin have showcased their results on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Their website is