From the streets to a cell: how one author changed his fortunes by writing an entire book in 30 days…with the memo section on his Ap-ple iPhone!


August 2019 – This is not your average self-help book: it’s a thrilling in-depth look at the author’s life – a game-changing publication that seeks to redefine what a self-help book should be, and the type of insights it can offer. “The Definition” was actually released on the 30th of March, 2019. Since then, the book garnered some notable attention, enabling Gabriel to partner up with huge names in the industry, including Go Daddy, one of the world’s leading domain name registrars on the web. The book also led to some a photoshoot for “Makers of Success,” as well as a mini documentary, which was filmed earlier in July. 


“The Definition” is an amazing story of hope and fulfillment, and a remarkable example of what anyone could achieve with the right sense of drive and motivation. It’s unbelievable now to think that Gabriel wrote this entire book in 30 days while homeless, using the memos section on his Apple iPhone. With the few resources at his disposal, Gabriel was able to stick with his book project in a situation when many other people would have given up. His experience leads to a fruitful and blooming career in the industry, and today, Gabriel even holds many speaking engagements, as well as a One Man Show entitled “From The Streets To A Cell,” which details the genesis of the book.

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