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Proze Electronics introduces the, Proze Dash Cam 4.0 Dual Lens Dashboard Camera, a Front and Rear HD Camera mounted in the interior windscreen that provides video evidence in event of road accidents, car vandalism, theft and overall driving safety. Available now on Amazon and Proze.

Nowadays, everyone knows that driving with a Dash Camera is something of a must. With roads getting busier, cars getting more sophisticated, it is easy to get distracted on the road and with the upcoming Easter holidays and therefore all the traffic issues that come with the School Holidays, it’s time to invest in some decent equipment.


The Proze Dash Cam 4.0 dual front and rear in car dashboard camera, is a wide-angle Full HD dash cam with a 1200 rear camera. The Dual lens dashboard camera begins recording when the car is started and can be set on loop to save memory and record for more hours on long journeys. It is a high-tech solution for cautious drivers and one that with certain insurance companies will actually save you money in the long term. It also has a far more advanced night vision camera than similar priced competitors, with 8 IR detectors and one LED working together to create a picture, where you can actually make out at night.


The Proze Dash Board Camera offers a ton of features and notable qualities for a reasonable price; it takes more than just being good in putting the unique attributes of Proze in display. It’s discreet and sleek design and compatible size blends in with the interior of many cars so it won’t draw unnecessary attention, while giving you a 4” screen, allowing you to actually see the menus and many options in there.

The Proze Dash Cam features a Crystal Clear 1080p HD resolution. Video & Audio quality is brilliant and even at night and unclear weather conditions. Its durability and high quality are second to none. The Proze Dash Cam goes beyond the competition with a G-Sensor and Motion detector which turns the camera on and starts recording if your car is knocked or tampered with. The rear camera also functions as a reversing camera (if you connect it) and the camera has a built-in battery for the parking monitor function and for backing up files in an incident, so you know it will work when your engine is turned off. It is a good investment in both safety and peace of mind. 


Car chases, bizarre accidents and other mind-boggling road event videos would not be possible if not for Dash Cameras, but apart from helping you create awesome videos, to share on YouTube (rules permitting) the Proze Dash Board Camera has more practical use, it can help you prove your innocence when involved in contentious road accidents. It could also help you monitor your passengers and employees and report reckless drivers.


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About Proze

Proze, is a well-known for providing quality tech accessories, whilst offering great customer support. The Proze dash Cam 4.0 dual front and rear in car dashboard camera, is evidence to their commitment to providing the best and maintaining a trusted customer base. Visit their website to find out more.


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