Proze Electronics stirs up the Consumer Electronics Industry once more with the Proze TWS-02 Wireless Headphones, giving you the beat, you need to hear. Available now on Amazon, only with Proze.


One of the trusted names in the electronics industry, Proze offers the SoundSeries TWS-02 True Wireless Earbuds, an exceptionally high-quality set of headphones with the audio, connectivity, function and comfort all being extremely good. The TWS-02 True Wireless Earbuds set the standard for what wireless headphones should be with its design, functionality and most importantly the way it sounds.


The Proze Wireless Headphones bag a ton of fancy features ranging its functions, battery life, connectivity and water resistivity. The Proze Wireless Headphone is best recommended for its High definition deep bass audio quality that gifts you the extraordinary sound you’ve been asking for. Then the battery with the charging case, offers up to 15 hours total battery life, before you need to connect to USB and charge again. They are also IP67 waterproof and sweatproof, so perfect for in the gym, as only weighing 5 grams each they will not weigh you down, get uncomfortable and sweat will not affect them. Best of all there are no cables getting in your way and if you want you can use them in single mode, so you can still chat to others. This allows use in all environments and meets many needs.


It is worth mentioning that the Proze TWS-02 Wireless Headphones connectivity is confirmed to be 3 times faster than the usual Bluetooth earbuds and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 5.0 offers both better connection strength and faster data speed, so you won’t encounter the frequent dropped calls or stuttering music play even up to 2 walls distance from your phone.

These Bluetooth Earbuds additionally features a one touch controls and auto pairing. The Proze Wireless Headphones are well put together and will greatly enhance your media, whether music, video or podcast.

Regardless of what you intend to use your ear buds for, be confident that the Proze TWS-02 Wireless Headphones will meet and surpass your needs.  

They are currently available for £47.95

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