Giveback to a School in Need


At Universal Retirement, we’ve been helping teachers with their 403b and 457b retirement plans for quite some time. We see the hours they put in for our children. We see how hard they work. We know they’ve chosen a career, not because of the pay, but because they want to make a difference in society.

We know teachers are always giving.
Well, now it’s the teachers turn to get something.

At Universal Retirement, we want to show our teachers how much we care about what they do for our children, so we are giving a teacher or other school district employee $250 every single month. Winning the $250 is simple. Just create a video of yourself or another person you are nominating explaining how you would use $250 for your school. The video should be less than 2 minutes long, and should NOT contain any images of children or students. See the submission details on our website at and share it on our Facebook page and then share it on your social media sites. The amount of likes and shares you receive will improve your chances of winning.

So don’t be shy! Create your video and share with us how we can help you do what you do best!

Todd Howell